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Did you know… that every time I share what I do with Joyful Living Radio, someone says, “We need more joy in the world!” So I’m glad that you’re here to hear what I and my guests have to say.  I’m Gwen Lepard and you can read my story on the Host page…

You’ll notice there is also a tab for Joyful Living HEALTH Radio.  This show began early in 2013 and due to a life change, I chose to combine the two shows in July 2013 into Joyful Living Health Radio and I’ve kept the the format that includes the joy quote and action step.  I really feel that Joyful Living Radio is the brand and at some point I may break out and do the show again under that name.   The focus of the show is Heath and using Joy as a tool for healing.  It is my intention through Joyful Living Health Radio to Ignite, Empower and Heal the Healer within us All…  As my guests and I provide an Alternative look at Health and Healing.

I chose my guests for Joyful Living Radio and Joyful Living Health Radio from people who have expertise in their field of healing, people who have shared a story that inspired me, people who are bringing more joy to the world, and people who have overcome a tough life lesson and found their way back to joy!

The format of the show includes a joy quote, an interview or teaching segment and an action step taken from my Signature 360 System for Health and Joy.  New for 2014 is a Wellness Feature and our first featured guest is Dr. Ray Gin, a complex chronic specialist with alternative methods of clearing up long term illnesses.

I love having guests and it is also a joy to share with you how to “Be the Sun”.  The quote I’m best known for is “Happiness is feeling the rays of the sun. Joy is being the sun. Be the Sun!”   In my Quantum Joy Experience workshops I share Be the Sun… 3 Keys to Joy And here on Joyful Living Radio, we’ve been getting into those 3 Keys to Joy and diving in to each category to really give you as many options as possible for turning your life into one of Joyful Living!

Thank YOU for listening!


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