Joyful Living Health Radio

Thank you for tuning in to Joyful Living Health Radio.  Joyful Living Radio and Joyful Living Health Radio will be combining into one show on Health and Healing through Joy.  A radio show for those that are seeking health and healing with Host Gwen Lepard.  For healers that are worn down and worn out by over-helping without boundaries or taking the time to help themselves first.  To bring Joyful Living and Health together in a way that ignites, empowers and heals the healer within each and every one of us!

Back in 2011 when Alycia Schlesinger, asked me, “Why are you here?”  My immediate response was… to be a Healer!  I am here to help heal, to bring healing to myself, those around me, to those within the sound of my voice and ultimately… to bring healing to the planet.  And believe me, she holds me to it!

I love Joy!  I vibrate at Joy!  My being is Joy and… I AM a HEALER!  I am a Master Healer…  So I’m very excited to be able to share with you what I know about healing.  To bring you great guests, sponsors and features on the new show, Joyful Living Health Radio!  And to bring out the healer in you…


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