Maia Macek

by Gwen on September 25, 2013


Maia Macek

Maia Macek


Maia Macek knows firsthand how struggling with emotional eating blocks women in all areas of their lives, from love and money to travel and adventure. She spent many years as a writer and actress in New York City, experimenting with several lines of work and running through more than her fair share of bad relationships.

Three and a half years ago she found herself in a dead-end job, in a relationship going terribly wrong, 30 pounds overweight and having to admit that she was struggling with extreme emotional eating.

One day she asked herself: Are there actually people who wake up comfortable in their own skins and happy in their lives?

Some small, hopeful part of her believed the answer had to be yes. And if that was true, she wanted to be one of them. This led her deep into the world of health, well-being, and personal development. In the process, she lost 30+ pounds, shook off years of feeling either agitated or exhausted, and found a line of work that feels like her true calling.

Discovering the roadmap to freeing herself from emotional eating allowed Maia to say yes to an entirely new career and way of life. As a coach she guides other women to find true freedom from their struggles with food so that they can begin living out their authentic vision for their most fulfilling life.

Maia is currently writing a book about listening to your body on what to eat, where to work, and who to love. She lives in the mountains of upstate New York where you can find her taking the curves a little too fast, lingering at sunset by the banks of the Hudson River, and cooking up venison stew in her slow cooker.

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