Imagination Engineer, Dan Fowler

by Gwen on April 11, 2013

As I return to new interviews here on Joyful Living Radio, I’d like to introduce you to Imagination Engineer, Dan Fowler.  Dan is my first guest since my father died in March and since he is an Author and has a wonderful way with words, I am going to let him tell you about himself:

Dan Fowler - Author, Speaker, Coach and Creator of the 7 Pillars of the Perfect Story System

Dan Fowler – Author, Speaker, Coach and Creator of the 7 Pillars of the Perfect Story System

At age 11, I realized my #1 passion in life: WRITING. Writing led me to film and video production and from there, I have built a successful media creation and integration business over the last 19 and a half years. Being a student of my craft, it eventually came to me that I can give more to my clients by providing coaching, training, and mentoring in the areas of: 1) How to Re-invent Yourself to your target market 2) How to Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life, 3) How To Create Blockbuster Videos On A Shoestring Budget.

 It was soon apparent to me and all of my clients that my true gifts were in powerfully speaking to a crowd, motivating and encouraging the masses on hope to tap into their hidden “life adventure”, and coach entrepreneurs on how to be the master of this journey we call life… PLUS… Give them practical and useful tips and techniques on how to implement these concepts in the real world.

I teach people how to truly change their stories, internally and externally, through video, through social media and fueled by the knowledge that Happiness is a re-write away™


Dan Fowler
Imagination Engineer
Owner of Red River ProductionsDan Fowler SPEAKS
Phone: 866-595-1889

Upcoming Workshops:CLICK HERE

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