Bethany Kelly, Courageous Creative

by Gwen on April 10, 2013

Joyful Living HEALTH Radio guest on April 10, 2013 is Bethany Kelly of Courageous Creative…

Bethany Kelly - Courageous Creative

Bethany Kelly – Courageous Creative

Born to parents who were travelling pastors, Bethany Kelly’s fascinating childhood was spent across Europe, South America and Asia, her upbringing and worldview shaped by travel, adventure, service, and philanthropy.

Becoming a single mother at the age of twenty-two required her to mature quickly. Bethany exchanged her creative pursuits (primarily in music and performing) for the stability of work as a graphic designer.  She eventually became creative director for a production team, and spent several invigorating years managing print, audio, and web projects and an international team of talented writers, artists, musicians, and designers.

Her work eventually took an administrational turn and she found herself stuck behind a desk expending enormous amounts of energy doing work that was not a match for her creativity or vitality.  A few stressful years of this culminated in a debilitating breakdown in her health.

As part of her recovery, she made the commitment to change her life, step into her dreams again and
pursue them with gusto. The result: Courageous Creatives (–a nurturing
and collaborative environment where creatives of all disciplines come home to their authentic,
creative selves, connect deeply with their inspiration and passion, heal the wounds that come from
disconnection, and funnel their creative genius effortlessly into the world in a way that captivates their

Bethany fuels her own creativity via a personal blog (, a loving combination
of her passion for and connection to music and her interest in personal development as well as a
YouTube channel chronicling her journey of growth as a new business owner (

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