Alycia Schlesinger

by Gwen on October 23, 2012

Alycia Schlesinger

Alycia Schlesinger has been a guest on the show several times. At the writing of this post, she is in the final five of the Next Greatest Speaker and Author contest.

Alycia is a huge inspiration to me. When we met she was the trainer for the Ultimate Leader training I was taking through Evolution Seminars. Her firm yet fair way of training and the no nonsense way she gave feed back with love and compassion earned her my gratitude. Then after the training I choose to do a breakthrough session with her. That session changed my life in so many ways. She’s a truth teller and can see where the blocks are that are holding you back in your life. I highly recommend her work.

To watch her video of her story go to and enter 32 in the Messenger ID box.  Her website opt-in for the competition right now can be found through this Another way you can access her videos and story is through the third round page at  I’ll certainly let you know the outcome of the competition and how you can best contact her soon!

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