Movement Messenger, Rachel Flower

by Gwen on September 14, 2012

Movement Messenger, Rachel Flower
I am looking forward to having Movement Messenger, Rachel Flower on my radio show in the near future!

She is an amazing individual and a phenomenal writer. I’d like to share a blog post she recently wrote that completely inspired me! The 4 Ducks for getting your “Ducks in a Row” resonated powerfully. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time… I hope it arrives for you at the exact right time too!


Do you have a message inside you that is destined to become a movement, but you’re holding back and playing small?

You’re about to discover 4 ducks, that if you speak to them nicely and get them in a row, well, let me just say, you’ll be in for quite a flight.

Here’s where it started for me…

My ducks were pretty well behaved on the whole. The biggest was only 3 inches tall and the rest of them varied in size down to about an inch. It didn’t matter that they were made of felt and stuffed with cotton balls. We were inseparable. We were a team. We went everywhere together.

Every movement has a mission, and ours was to stand up for sleep-ins on Sundays, protest for more chocolate, and please, please buy me a dog. Then of course the usual stuff like vanquishing the Cruella De Villes of the world.

I was 5 at the time but pretty much as soon as I could open my eyes and grasp furry objects, I was calling in my tribes, be they stuffed horses, T Rexes, or haggises. Later I progressed to actual mammals, in the form of gerbils, guinea pigs, and, FINALLY, two dogs.

Little did I know that all this gathering of the clans would serve me well later in life in dealing with humanoids. Over the years the characters changed, the movements changed, from hockey teams to after school clubs, to high school bands, and meditation groups, women’s retreat companies, to UNICEF projects, Burmese Refugees, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

But there were still two common themes: Freedom and fun.

Whilst my achievements are fairly humble compared that of one of my heroines and inspirations, the Burmese freedom fighter, Aung Sang Su Kyi,  I realize that a movement is not about numbers,  and not necessarily about putting your life on the line (at least literally). But it is about putting yourself on the line. Standing up for what you believe in, touching hearts and inspiring others to action. Even if they are furry or feathered.

What I’ve discovered after 25 years of working with change agents and visionaries, is that there are four ducks to get in a row if you want to be taken seriously. These are all components of what I call The Messenger Code™ – your capacity to turn your message into a movement.

1. Mojo – it’s that magic, magnetic quality, you have when you’re in touch with your inner power.  It’s the capacity to ride the storms, pick yourself up after a fall, keep going when stuff happens, deal with dissent, stand strong in who you are, hold a powerful vision, and be connected to your deepest truth.

2. Message – as you presence your life, your story, your experiences and your beliefs, a powerful message emerges. You stand strong, confident and certain about your calling on the planet and the people you’re here to serve.

3. Magnetism – this is your capacity to attract and connect through your message and your presence. It is about gathering, drawing together and synergizing.

4. Movement – it’s all very well to gather people, but can you move and inspire them to action? Building a movement means you know how to influence people and call them to action as well as calling in the resources and support systems you need to thrive.”

Rachel Flower is The Messenger Mentor and Founder of the Movement Messenger Academy. For more information visit:

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