Joy Centered Life

It is time to announce the birth of Joy Centered Life!

This has been a long time coming and has been being created in the background of my serving Genius Squared in the position of Chief Joy Officer.  So what is Joy Centered Life?  Joy Centered Life is a Consulting Company that offers Coaching, Healing, Training and to select clients, Chief Joy Officer services.

The company grew out of the being named as The Joy Authority by Eiji Morishita of Genius Squared in 2011.  Then in late 2012, I was offered the position of Chief Joy Officer with the company.  I have been traveling to support him in his speaking engagements and event sponsorships as well as emceeing and producing several of his own events since that time.

In October of 2013 Stepping Up and Standing Out as my own CJO and Founder of Joy Centered Life came to fruition.  I will continue offering CJO services to Genius Squared at this time and I look forward to seeing you at events across the country and locally at events in OC.

More to come regarding Joy Centered Life as we grow our client list, develop a stand alone website and let you know about our own events helping bring more Joy to the World.

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